Posted by: rosebc | February 10, 2011

First look into the company

From what it looks like Foot Locker does some philanthropy work schools, giving them discounts to shop there; in my eyes that is some good PR. The biggest “crisis” that I have found they have had in the recent futur came in 2010. They announced that they had to close down 117 stores thus cutting 12o jobs. In what seemed to be an effort to bolster some good PR, the company announced they would focus more on their female customers while improving their work with their Lady Foot Locker stores and the marketing strategies across the Foot Locker brands. From what the New York Company said, those reorganizations and job cuts are saving them 10 million dollars a year. Really Foot Locker? Is that how you are going to try and swing that? “Our stores were under-performing so we now have more time to focus on new endeavours”, I wouldn’t mind focusing on a new endeavor of saving 10 million dollars a year either. Those stores and employees need a better answer than that I think, this company might be very interesting to follow as the semester goes on.


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