Posted by: rosebc | February 23, 2011

PR efforts from media scanning

Foot Locker sponsored this past weekend’s All Star three point contest which obviously gives them lots of international credibility in their sponsoring of a NBA event. On local levels, they recognized Eddie Owens as New York’s boys cross country runner of the year. Foot Locker has a close relationship with NBA superstar Dwight Howard, who recently visited a Santa Monica Foot Locker store while out in CA for the All Star game. Ties such as these is a strong persuasive tactic for Foot Locker customers. What is also interesting is that if an athlete with prowess has some national behavioral issues, nothing falls on the head of Foot Locker, since they are not the company directly sponsoring that athlete. Say Dwight Howard pulls a Tiger Woods, Adidas has to deal with the mess, not Foot Locker. Thus, Foot Locker receives the benefits without the inherent risk.

In Legitimate Crisis Comm discussion one of Foot Locker’s online store and magazine, Eastbay Inc., dodged a bullet in Tuesday when Kelora systems LLC dropped its patent infringement lawsuit. Kelora is the leading provider of online catalog management software and service ( More information is most likely to come for why Kelora has agreed to let Eastbay use it’s systems and technology, but most likely from this blogger’s opinion, $$$$$.


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