Posted by: rosebc | March 3, 2011

Earnings Report

Earnings reports came out this week and preliminary numbers place Foot Locker earning 36 cents per share, which is a 33.3% raise from last year. Also, as 2010 came to an end, Foot Locker was recognized the top performing retailer of 2010. Most interesting amongst all this great success for Foot Locker is the rumor of a takeover. There is talk that the Foot Locker, which is a public company, will got private in the near future. The company’s stock is looking so good right now, it is being reported as one of ten unusual stocks attracting huge attention at this time. The success of this company in the present time and past year is garnering lots of interest in the business world. Getting this much attention economically is doing a great service to Foot Locker. With all their initiatives, sponsored events, and many different companies, they are seeing great success.

In other news, more crisis communication related, 90 pairs of Nike shoes were stolen from a Foot Locker store in Junction City, Kansas. In this same location there was a theft in September. I am interested to see if there will be a response from Foot Locker that involves “taking care of their own” and trying to fix this problem at this store. The PR abilities with the general public and their emplyees are massive if they take this as an opportunity to show their heart as a company. It is not to be expected that some sort of Foot Locker representative will be sent out every time something like this occurs, but with these repeated offenses, the company could benefit from involving themselves somehow.


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