Posted by: rosebc | March 25, 2011

F Gravity? Really Foot Locker?… and other news

No post over break, but I will be putting up another tomorrow to fill in all the Google Alert articles I got over spring break. So apparently Champ Sports stores, a company within Foot Locker Inc. thought it would be smart to put a t-shirt on display that says, “F%$& Gravity.” Public relations manager Gabriella Citrin said that all these shirts were removed from Champs Sports on Thursday March 10th as pictures were being posted online. Really Foot Locker? Did we think that all the increased money flow would make this okay? Does this make parents want to shop at your store? In further research, it is a Nike based product that Foot Locker decided to carry. All around just not a smart idea for Foot Locker. Gabriella Citrin has some more explaining to do than just saying they took the t-shirt down as the PR manager.

Even still Foot Locker continues its uptrend in the stock market. Stock market advisors are no longer just being wowed at the success, they are in fact beginning to heavily encourage their clients to buy the ever rising stock. Sales at stores that have been open a year or more have gone up 7.3%. This is a great time to be in the footwear industry, there are so many great players in the NBA that have shoe contracts and have adoring fans that want their shoes. Since Foot Locker and its daughter companies don’t have particular loyalties to brands, they can carry any and all items that give them profit. There are some shoes that are released as Foot Locker exclusives, but don’t get me wrong, they can carry whatever they want. The L.A. trainer II that became famous in the 1984 olypmics is being released exclusively at Foot Locker all throughout Europe. I tried to look into the F Gravity shirt situation more, but there seems to be little bustle about it since once issue was raised they were immediately taken down. Another post will be coming tomorrow.


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