Posted by: rosebc | March 31, 2011

Retail Future and Foot Locker Good Will Efforts

Retail stocks are at new highs since the highs reached in 2008. This obviously baffles those following our country’s economic situation. The American consumer is visiting and purchasing more items from retail stores than ever, and this continue to bode well for our company Foot Locker. Even with these great numbers, one article claims this trend cannot continue and that Foot Locker stock will be “easily chopped in half by the end of 2011”. Foot Locker saw declining sales in 2010, and barely “eeked” out profit in 2010, but has been doing great in 2011 under lots of new management and new approaches. One scary item for the company is that Nike is expecting to have to raise prices on their goods in order to offset their rising material costs.

A young man from Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio was murdered in a campus shooting. He was a Foot Locker employee, known to be a great kid, leader, and peacemaker. His family is donating is 100+ shoes to students at a middle school at which the young man tutored students. It will be interesting to see if Foot Locker gets word of this story and honors Jamail Johnson in any way.

Yearly Foot Locker holds an event entitled “One our Feet”, which is a banquet night where celebrities come out to benefit the UNCF (United Negro College Fund). Celebrities come to the event wearing their favorite shoes and outfits in order to help Foot Locker and it’s charity. That concludes this week’s look into Foot Locker.




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